Contemporary Dance forms an important part of the multifaceted training of dancers today.

Increasingly there are many and various options for contemporary dance as a career through further education via Degree courses and vocational training. Dancers develop their own impetus stimuli for movement creation and choreography.

To meet this need, at Highgate Ballet School we offer contemporary dance classes at three levels and an annual Choreography Showcase for children ages 8 to 18. Fledgling HBS choreographers are encouraged to enter the annual Cecchetti Choreographic Competition held in London in March.

We are delighted and proud to support and encourage the creation of new choreography which is an important part of the ethos of Highgate Ballet School!


Contemporary Dance on Thursday evenings with Amy Foskett

Miss Amy teaches our contemporary classes, which take place at the URC on Thursday evenings during term time for senior level dancers ages 8 11+ at 6.10pm. Classes focus on the technical foundations of contemporary dance, exploring floor work, leaps and travelling phrases. As well as the technical side of the class, dancers co-create choreography. Focusing on making their own dances through different tasks culminates in a performance of a full class dance at the end of each term. New students can attend a free trial class before enrolling for the term.


HBS Choreographic Collective on Saturday mornings with Maddy Woolf

This performance group was set up in 2018 by Miss Maddy by invitation to advanced students ages 13-18 to further encourage and develop the technical and creative skills of Highgate Ballet School dancers. The class takes place on Saturday mornings from 8-9am during term time. The dancers work with Miss Maddy to co-create a piece for performance. In July 2019 the Choreographic Collective performed their piece ‘Landmark’ at the South Bank U-Dance Festival. When a space becomes available in the group dancers who are interested in joining may attend a class at the start of term as an audition. Dancers in the HBS Choreographic Collective must be attending ballet classes at Highgate Ballet School.


HBS Annual Choreographic Showcase

Dancers at the school can develop and create their own choreography from the very earliest years. It all begins with improvisation in the Primary and standard 1 classes, which encourages children to learn to listen and respond to music and rhythm. Workshops, summer schools and holiday courses further inspire and help a dancer develop their skills. The annual Choreographic Showcase takes place at the URC either during the spring or summer term and an external guest teacher-choreographer is invited to give feedback on the pieces. Selected pieces are performed at the annual showcase at the end of the year.