Pending confirmation from the ISTD that the government may allow ballet classes in after school settings such as are offered by Highgate ballet School, we will be able to run live classes at the Highgate United Reformed Church from 6th- 18th July with extra cleansing and social distancing measures in place.

LIVE Classes Timetable in the Chapel Space at the URC

Monday 6th and 13th July
Standard 1 4.15-5pm
5.15-6.15pm Grade 5 (also online with Miss Julie on 6th July)
6.30-7.45pm Inter/Adv 1 + pointe

Tuesday 7th and 14th July
4.15-5pm Grade 1
5.15-6pm Grade 2
6.15-7.30pm Inter foundation + pointe (also online with Miss Julie on 7th July)

Wednesday 8th and 15th July
3.30-4pm Pre-Primary
4.15-5pm Primary
5.15-6.15pm Tutus and Tiaras (also online with Miss Julie on 8th July)
6.30-7.45pm Adv 1 + Pointe (also online with Miss Julie on 8th July)

Thursday 9th and 16th July
4.30-5.30pm Grade 3
5.45-6.45pm Grade 4
7-8.15pm 16th July only Contemporary dance with Miss Amy

Friday 10th and 17th July
4.10-4.40pm Pre – Primary
5.00-6.15pm Grade 5 + Pre-Pointe
17th July only 6.30-8pm Unset Inter-Adv 1 + pointe

Saturday 11th and 18th July
9.15-10am Grade 1
10.15-10.45am Pre – Primary
11-11.45am Grade 2
12-12.45pm Primary
18th July only 1.00-2.15pm inter found + pointe

Students can attend one week only or both weeks.

Fees are:

£12 per class for Pre – Primary,
£13.40 per class for St1, G1 and G2,
£14.80 per class for G3,G4, Monday G5 and Tutus
£17.00 per class for Senior level 75 minute classes

We will have a maximum of 12 children per class (with an possible maximum of 15 for some classes TBC) with rectangles marked out on the floor for each child’s dance space, and directional arrows, in order to maintain social distancing. A hand santiser has already been installed inside the entrance. There will be a ‘one way’ entrance/ exit strategy in place. Children will need to take off their street shoes at the door and only wear their ballet shoes indoors with parents/carers waiting outside so that drop offs and pick-ups can be organised to minimise any risk of contact.



SECOND HALF Summer term 2020:  MONDAY 1st June – SATURDAY 11th July (6 WEEKS)

Summer Recital: Cancelled

MONDAYS 1st  June – 6th July 2020

GYROKINESIS® Body Conditioning lunchtime class 1.05-1.55pm Julie Cronshaw

Standard 1: 4.15 – 5pm Lisa Marie Probert
Grade 5: 5.00 – 6.00pm Julie Cronshaw
Intermediate/Advanced 1 + Pointe : 6.45 – 8.00pm Maddy Woolf

TUESDAYS  2nd June  – 7th July 2020

Grade 1: 4.00 – 4.45pm Lisa Marie Probert
Grade 2: 5.00 – 5.45pm Lisa Marie Probert
Grade 6 + Pointe: 5.20 – 6.30pm Maddy Woolf
Intermediate Foundation + Pointe: 6.15 – 7.30pm Julie Cronshaw

WEDNESDAYS 3rd June  – 8th July 2020

Pre-Primary: 3.20 – 3.50pm Lisa Marie Probert
Primary: 4.00 –  4.45pm Lisa Marie Probert
Tutus and Tiaras: Non-Syllabus Ballet and GYROKINESIS© (Grades 2-5) 4.30-5.30pm Julie Cronshaw
Advanced 1 + Pointe: 6.15 – 7.30pm Julie Cronshaw

THURSDAYS  4th June  – 9th July 2020

Grade 3: 4.15 – 5.15pm Julie Cronshaw
Grade 4: 5.30 – 6.30pm Maddy Woolf

Senior Contemporary Dance  (Ages 11+): 6.45-8.00pm Amy Foskett

FRIDAYS  5th June  – 10th July 2020

Adults Beginning Ballet Lunchtime Class 1.05-1.55pm Julie Cronshaw

Standard 1: 4.00 – 4.45pm Maddy Woolf
Grade 5 + Beginning Pointe: 5.00-6.15pm Maddy Woolf

Intermediate/Adv 1 + Pointe: 6.30-7.45pm Maddy Woolf

SATURDAYS  6th June  – 11th July 2020

Grade 2: 10.10 – 10.55am Julie Cronshaw
Grades  4: 11.30am – 12.30pm Lisa Marie Probert
Grade 6 & Inter Found: 12.00-1.15pm Lily Potger

“Jackson’s Lane” Classes with Miss Lisa

Standard 1  & Grade 1: 9.10 – 10.00am Lisa Marie Probert
Pre-Primary: 10.00-10.30am Lisa Marie Probert
Primary Ballet: 10.40-11.20am Lisa Marie Probert

Choreographic Collective (invitation only) 4.45 – 5.45pm  Maddy Woolf


Online Class Fees for 6 weeks:

Pre-Primary 30 mins: 6 weeks £30.00

Primary 40 mins: 5 weeks  £39.00

Standard 1/ Grades 1, 2 45 mins: 6 weeks £39.00

Grades 3-5 1 hour: 6 weeks £45.00

Choreographic Collective: 1 hour 6 weeks £48.00

Senior Levels G5, 6 Int Foundation, Inter, Adv 1 1.25 hours  Contemporary 6 weeks £51.00

Adult Beginning Ballet £8/class

Gyrokinesis: £7/class



Please contact the school by clicking here to register your child.

New students can attend a free trial class.

One – off enrolment fee: £20.00


All pupils are encouraged to make up a missed class by attending one offered at a similar level.

There is a 10% discount off the additional class(es) or for siblings also enrolled at the school. The discount does not apply when fees are paid pro-rata, after the first class of term, for new students except for Seniors attending multiple weekly classes who may pay half-termly.  Pointe students must attend a minimum 2 ballet classes/week.

Payment by bank transfer to Highgate Ballet School Ltd with child’s name as  reference

Sort code: 09-01-50 Account number: 02549662

Or make cheques payable to:

Highgate Ballet School Ltd
18, Hutchings Walk
London, NW11 6LT


A Half Term’s notice is politely requested when leaving.