Spring Term 2019:

Monday 7th January – Saturday 30th March 2019 11 weeks

Half Term: Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd February 2019 (no classes)

Please Note: no classes at Jacksons Lane on Saturday 16th March 2019 10 weeks only

Summer term 2019:

Tuesday 23rd April  – Monday 15th July 2019 11 weeks (except for Mondays, 10 weeks owing to Easter BH Monday on 22nd April,

Note: URC Friday Primary and Grade 5 + Pointe classes 10 weeks: final classes on 5th July, no classes on 12th July and Saturday URC chapel classes (Miss Valerie’s) 10 weeks final classes on 6th July, no classes on 13th July, owing to an event at the URC 

May Day Bank Holiday Monday: 6th May (no classes, replaced on 15th July) 

Half Term Monday 27th May – Saturday 1st June (no classes)



Nearest Tube: Archway or Highgate on the Northern Line. Buses 271, 143 and 210 stop in Highgate village, less than 100 metres away. Free parking on Pond Square and surrounding streets after 12 noon weekdays and all day at weekends.


MONDAYS  Spring and Summer Terms 2019                                                 

Primary: 4.10-4.55pm (hall)
Grade 4 : 4.55.00-5.55pm (hall)
Intermediate Foundation + Pointe 5.55-7.10pm(hall)
Advanced 2 + Pointe: 7.10-8.55pm (hall)

TUESDAYS   Spring and Summer Terms 2019

Standard 1/Grade 1: 4.10-5.00pm (hall)
Grade 2: 5.00-6.00pm (hall)
Grade 6 + Pointe: 6.00-7.15pm (hall)
Intermediate + Pointe: 8.45pm (hall)

WEDNESDAYS  Spring and Summer Terms 2019    
Pre-Primary beginning ballet (Pre-Schoolers/under 5s): 3.55-4.35pm (chapel)
Grade 3: 4.35-5.35pm (chapel)
Tutus and Tiaras: Solos and GYROKINESIS© (ages 7-11): 5.35-6.45pm (chapel)
Advanced 1 + Pointe: 6.50-8.45pm (hall)

THURSDAYS  Spring and Summer Terms 2019  

Standard 2  (ages 7+): 4.10-5.00pm (hall)
Grade 3: 5.00-6.00pm (hall)
Junior Contemporary Class (Ages 7-11): 6.10-7.10pm (hall)
Senior Contemporary + Rep/choreography (Ages 10+): 7.10-8.30pm (hall)

FRIDAYS Spring and Summer Terms 2019

Primary (ages 5+): 4.20-5.05pm (chapel)
Grade 5 + Beginning Pointe: 5.10 – 7.00pm (chapel/hall)
Advanced Non-Syllabus +Virtuosity  (Pre-vocational, ages 13+): 7.00 – 9.00pm (hall)


SATURDAYS  Spring and Summer Terms 2019   

Grade 3: 9.00 -10.00am (hall)
Grade  4: 10.00 – 11.00am  (hall)
Grade 5 + Pointe: 11.00am – 12.15pm (hall)
Advanced 1 + Pointe: 12.30-2.15pm  (hall)

Standard/Grade 2 beginning: 9.00-10.00am (chapel)
Grade 2: 10.00-11.00 (chapel)
Intermediate Foundation + Pointe: 11.00 – 12.15pm (chapel)
Grade 6 + Pointe: 12.15 – 1.30pm (chapel)




Spring Term 2019:

Monday 7th January – Saturday 30th March 2019 10 weeks no classes on 16th March

Half Term: Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd February 2019 (no classes)

Summer term 2019:

Wednesday 24th April  – Saturday July 13th 2019 11 weeks 

Half Term Wednesday 29th May and Saturday 1st June (no classes)


Studio 2, Jackson’s Lane, 269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA

Jackson’s Lane is situated opposite Highgate tube station on the Northern Line and buses 263, 143 and 134 stop directly outside. Free parking on the Archway Road for one hour between 10am -4pm or surrounding streets after 12 noon weekdays, all day weekends, except where otherwise indicated.

WEDNESDAYS  Spring and Summer Terms 2019

Pre-primary beginning ballet (Pre-schoolers/under 5’s) 1.20-2.00pm

SATURDAYS Spring and Summer Terms 2019
Pre-Primary beginning ballet (Pre-schoolers/under 5s): 10:30-11:10am
Primary  ballet (5+): 11.10am -11.55am
Standard 1 (6+): 11.55am-12.45pm
Grade 1 (ages 7 +): 12.45-1.35pm


Fees per 10/11 weeks Spring and Summer Terms all venues:

Pre-Primary (40 mins): £137.50 (Jacksons Lane 10 weeks spring: £125.00)
Primary (45 mins): £143.00 (Jacksons Lane 10 weeks spring £130.00)

Primary URC Fridays Summer term (10 weeks) £130.00
Standard 1, 2/ Grade 1(50 mins): £149.50 (Jacksons Lane 10 weeks spring £136.00)
Grades 1-4 Junior Contemporary (60 mins): £158.00

Saturdays Summer Term Standard 2, Grade 2 (1 hour) URC 10 weeks: £143.50
Tutus and Tiaras Performance Class with stretch (70 mins): £181.00
Senior Level Contemporary Class (80 mins): £194.00
Grades 5-6, Intermediate Foundation + Pointe (75 mins): £200.75

Saturdays Summer term Grades 6 and Intermediate Foundation  10 weeks: £182.50
Intermediate + Pointe  Tuesdays (90 mins): £211.20                                                                                          Saturday Advanced 1, Monday Advanced 2 + Pointe (105 mins): £233.00
Wednesday Advanced 1 + Pointe ( 1 hour 55 mins): £255.00
Friday Grade 5 + Beginning Pointe Spring Term (1 hour 50 mins): £244.00

Fridays Grade 5  + Beginning Pointe Summer term (10 weeks): £221.00
Friday Unset Advanced + Pointe (2 hours) £263.00



Please contact the school by clicking here to register your child.

New students can attend a free trial class.

Enrolment fee: £20.00


All pupils are encouraged to make up a missed class by attending one offered at a similar level.

There is a 10% discount off the additional class(es) or for siblings also enrolled at the school. The discount does not apply when fees are paid pro-rata, after the first class of term, for new students except for Seniors attending multiple weekly classes who may pay half-termly.  Pointe students must attend a minimum 2 ballet classes/week.

Payment by bank transfer to Highgate Ballet School Ltd with child’s name as  reference

Sort code: 09-01-50 Account number: 02549662

Or make cheques payable to:

Highgate Ballet School Ltd
18, Hutchings Walk
London, NW11 6LT


A Half Term’s notice is politely requested when leaving.