Please do see below for all our full guide to our uniform.

For all ballet students in all classes: Hair must be tied up and away from the face in a bun or  alternatively please wear a hairband if your hair is short. Please do not wear any jewellery except stud earrings. For ballet exams and performances, we will be there to help to make a professional style ballet bun.


Split soled ballet shoes should not be worn by any dancer under the age of 14. They are not very beautiful and also can be potentially harmful.  We do not recomend these until feet are fully developed as children’s feet and ankle bones are subject to rolling and imbalance.

Most ballet clothing items can be bought from online dance wear retailers. 

Ballet shoes often come up one size smaller than school shoes.

Navy Cecchetti regulation leotards available only from www.gandolfi.co.uk

Pre-Primary and Primary, Girls

Pink, short sleeved cotton-mix leotard (e.g. ‘Amy’ by Dance Direct P02C)


Pink (pre- primary) or White cross-over skirt (Primary) (e.g. Dance Direct P69C or P60)

Pink ballet tights and pink, full soled, leather ballet shoes

Pink or white cardigan, optional but recommended in winter months

 Standard 1, Girls (nb. a similar navy leotard is acceptable)

Navy Cecchetti regulation sleeveless lycra, scoop neck, leotard: recommended as the official uniform is the ‘Enrico’ by www.gandolfi.co.uk.  The belt can be removed  for Standard 1.


White crossover skirt by Dance Direct Plume P60 or P69C

Pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes*


Pink, White or navy cardigan, optional

 Grade 1-4, Girls

Navy Cecchetti regulation sleeveless lycra, scoop neck, leotard with matching belt, recommended as the official uniform is the ‘Enrico’ by www.gandolfi.co.uk

No skirt  and a navy cardigan is optional recommended in winter months

Pink tights and pink fully soled leather ballet shoes*

 Grades 5 & Up, Girls

Plain backed, black camisole or sleeveless leotard with matching belt

Advanced 1 and above: any colour or style of sleeveless or short sleeved leotard

Pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes*

A black crossover cardigan and/or a short ballet skirt are permissible (not worn for exams)

Soft blocked shoes or pointe shoes when advised by the teacher for pointe work

 Boys Pre-Primary, Primary and Standard 1

White T-shirt, black or navy blue shorts,

White socks and black or white leather ballet shoes*

 Boys Grades and Vocational:

White T-shirt or leotard, black, navy blue or silver grey dance tights

Teenagers: dancebelt

Contemporary Dance:

Black or dark coloured leotard and footless leggings, tracksuits may be worn.

 T-Shirt and Fleece:

We also have Highgate Ballet School black short sleeved t-shirts with logo for £10 and a black zip up fleece for £25, to order. Please contact HBS if you would like to purchase either.