Highgate Ballet School

Was founded in 1995 in Highgate village, north London to provide the highest quality Cecchetti classical ballet training leading to exams and performances

The Hall at the URC Highgate

Senior ballet class at the URC

Pre-ballet classes for Under 5’s

Cecchetti Classical Ballet syllabus leading to exams from Primary to Advanced 1, Cecchetti Advanced 2 and Diploma coaching

Ballet and Dance Intensives in the School holidays

Theatre Performances

Coaching for ballet competitions and auditions

Contemporary dance training for ages 11+

Special events

GYROKINESIS ® body conditioning classes may be booked on demand .

Most classes are accompanied by highly gifted and experienced pianists.

The school encourages auditioning for external dance programmes, companies and Cecchetti organised events and competitions.

A minimum twice weekly attendance from Grade 4 is required for eligibility to do pointework.

Students from the school regularly progress to full time training at vocational institutions and into careers as dancers and teachers.

Whether a child attends once weekly for fun or is considering dance as a career, ballet develops poise, self discipline, musicality, rhythm and a highly increased physical and sensory awareness.

HBS Pre Vocational Training

Pre-vocational training is aimed at children who may have been assessed as being gifted and talented for dancing and therefore are potentially suited for a career in dancing.

MakingMaddy Squire, mow dancing with Scottish Ballet a commitment to pre-vocational training is not undertaken lightly and so our staff liaise regularly with parents assessing the student’s ongoing development and their potential for full-time training.

Vocational dance schools both in the UK and around the world attract many highly trained, international dancers. The entrance level auditions have become more competitive than ever, therefore pre-vocational training at a private school such as Highgate Ballet School must also meet these requirements.

Photo by Elaine Mayson shows Maddy Squire, former HBS student now dancing with Scottish Ballet at the Finals of the Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition in 2011


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What our students have said….

Thank you …..you truly have given me so much over the years, I will take everything with me in September and in life, thank you for everything.’  Maddy, now with Scottish Ballet

‘It’s so sad to be leaving ballet this year…Hopefully I will carry on at university and join the ballet society.’  Juliet

‘We have really enjoyed all our ballet this year and we have both improved massively thanks to your teaching.’  Joe, professional classical dancer

‘Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am now. I’m truly grateful for everything’. Evie, at Tring Park

Thank you very much for everything you teached (sic) me. You have made my dream come true!!’  Rin, at the Royal Ballet School, White Lodge, featured on the Royal Ballet ‘Nutcracker’ documentary, December 2016

‘Thank you so much I have had so much fun and I have loved every moment.’   Ruby, in Matilda

‘I am very grateful having been taught at Highgate Ballet School and had great experience learning Cecchetti style.’  Azusa